About Muck Girl

Nina G. Wills – genuine Muck Girl

My name is Nina G. Wills and I am a genuine “MUCK GIRL – born and raised in Pahokee, Florida.

I am a writer by nature and it is my privilege to tell the story of the Glades Area. It is my goal to provide the residents of the Lake Okeechobee Region with reliable, timely, factual news and to create an open forum where current and former Glades Residents can reconnect.

In May 2011, I graduated summa cum laude  from Florida Atlantic University with a bachelor’s degree in multimedia journalism and a bachelor’s degree in political science.

I currently write a weekly column for The Palm Beach Post about the Glades communities. The column is in every Thursday’s edition of Neighborhood Post section.

Most importantly, I will always have the muck stuck between my toes!

What people are saying about MUCK GIRL:

“We needed someone who could convey the fierce spirit of Muck City, the community, the enthusiasm, and she did that. It was just perfect. The enthusiasm she has about her town, it provided a great insight.” – Elle Johnson, co-executive producer of The Glades on A&E.

“She was passionate, sweet, had a lot energy. It was refreshing to see someone be so excited about where they were from. She seemed to represent all that area (the real Glades) is about.” –  Randy Zisk, television director and producer.

“Every semester, 14 students in my Multimedia Journalism class at FAU are assigned to start a blog on a topic of their choice. That makes about 125 blogs that have been spawned from my class in recent years. Nina is the only one who, to my knowledge, has aspired to make more of her blog than a class assignment. I’m very proud of her!” – Bonnie Gross, FAU professor

10 Responses to About Muck Girl

  1. Hello there!

    My name is Slade Sundar, I work for a nonprofit called the Community Foundation for Palm Beach and Martin Counties. Specifically, I work on a community information website for Palm Beach County called “YourPBC.org”

    We’ve just added a community blog area, and one of the areas we find it hardest to get information/reporting from the community is the Glades area.

    We’d love to syndicate your blog onto YourPBC.org to give your blog more exposure, and to help inform our readers about what is going on in the Glades.

    Let me know if this is something that would interest you.

  2. Brenda says:

    I just read the article about you in the Palm Beach Post. You are a ray of sunshine in this otherwise gloomy world. I spent much of my childhood in Clewiston and my Uncle worked for US Sugar. The area out there is so wonderful, beautiful and peaceful and I always hated coming back in to town . Keep up the good work and I will be reading the posts on your website you have a natural talent. Look forward to seeing you on The Glades.

  3. Tresca Smith (Newton) says:

    Hi Nina:
    I often and fondly think of Pahokee. It’s great to see that someone else thinks it’s just about the best place on earth. I was born in Pahokee (1961) when the “hospital” was a previous army barrack on Main St., near Canal Point. I was delivered by Dr. Hatton. I lived at 990 E. Main St. until my mom took a job in West Palm Beach. However, I spent EVERY summer in Pahokee.

    I would board the Greyhound bus in WPB and get dropped off at the gas station on the corner of E. Main. I would then walk to my grandma’s house – I was only 6 years old when I started this! Once the bus pulled out of the station and it passed Military Trail there were nothing but cows and cornfields (WAY before Wellington). 20 mile bend was my half way point – so I knew that we were getting closer. “Streamline” was the first stop then on to mine.
    I remember riding my bike to Spencers market, when I was like 5 years old, by myself! I also was a candy striper at Pahokee Memorial hospital. I attended the Episcopal church which was next door to my grandma’s house.

    I too remember running barefoot (although, must admit to quite a few gashes, cuts and blisters) and busting out of the screendoor at sunup to roam and play until lunch time. We had a big tire swing in a big old banyan tree that we would also climb and make forts in.

    My sister and I would also sell avocados, mangos, lemons and oranges from a little table we set up on Main St. It was a great location! We would take our earnings and walk to the corner gas station and by a Nehi. Needless to say we were’nt stockpiling profit.

    I will follow your blog to get a little bit of a Pahokee fix – when needed. I would love to swap stories with you – I have tons of pictures too. Please feel free to email me, if you’d be interested in Pahokee -before your time.

    • Miss. Torres says:

      I am uber interested in old pics from the muck. I moved here when I was 10 in 1994 and I would spend hours at a little old ladys house by my church staring at her pictures of old pahokee. Reading articles of survivors of the storm. I can listen to stories all day long. My dad, lived in Pahokee and Belle Glade in the 50’s and would tell me old stories about growing up in those days when schools were still segregated and when he drove me down streets in Pahokee, he will tell me of WHAT USE to be there. Im like no dad, but he would tell me about car dealerships and stuff in pahokee and also about a little bar and things. My dad never has pictures of his child hood, but Im crazy about the old bustling, lively pahokee. Please share more, I cant believe you were catching the grey hound at age 6!! Geez!! post pictures up if you can!! I think its super cool!

  4. Josie Jasmin says:

    I want to commend you on the joy that you have in your heart for South Florida.
    It is a pleasure to seer a young person like you have such a concrete love for your land.
    I live in West Palm Beach but we have many times traveled through the sugar cane fields and admire the beautiful muck.
    It is such a peaceful and happy plcae to be.
    I love South Florida!
    God bless you with much happiness always!

  5. UZURI says:


  6. Arrista Belk Pottle says:

    Raised at the north end of Pahokee airport all my life. My dad ran the aiport during the late 60s.

    Who are your parents? I am sure they know of the Belk family, my dad moved to Pahokee in 1949 as a crop duster.

    Love the new show, The Glades, but it is a bit disappointing they aren’t using footage from the area.

  7. Zai says:

    I just spent about an hour or so looking through your blog and I must say, in Mike Graham fashion: Nina Wills, you inspire me!
    Hope to see you soon, my writing pal!

  8. I really love your site…it is refreshing. There are no Google Ads. What an awesome
    change. I hope you keep up the good work. If you are interested in some really cool websites to find articles, call me…maybe we can share some tips.

  9. J. Hagler says:

    It’s great to finally check out your site, I love it. I hope to see more from you! Congrats on graduating with honors… wouldn’t expect anything less! You are truly talented! I can’t wait to see your site continue growing!

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