Dudley Doodle #3

Anybody who thinks writing is easy – is wrong.

Writing is RUFF, I mean rough. (Sorry, things got lost in translation there!) You have to really use your brain, and sometimes I’d just rather be sleeping or chasing cats.

Writing takes a lot of hard work and energy. I don’t know how my Mom does it – I’m impressed.

And she has to listen to me collect my thoughts, which can be scattered, especially if I see a cat or a bird.

So, sometimes I have to help her while she is transcribing. So, I jump in her lap and grab her pen and just go with it. I don’t think she likes that very much, though. Mom can be really partial to her pens. (I did accidentally destroy her brand new blue Papermate Ink Joy pen in the writing of this post. I am sorry Mom!)

Helping Mom out

So, have you ever wondered how exactly I talk to my Momma so she can help me write my Dudley Doodle?

Well, watch the video and now you will know! ~ MUCK RUV

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