Dudley Doodle #2

Ruff! Hello again.

My Mom wrote a very sweet story about her Mom for Mother’s Day. (Check it out here and have some tissues nearby. I’m sure you’ll need them).

That got me to thinking about my Mom and how much she means to me. So, even though, I’m a month late (I’m on doggy time, remember?) on wishing my Mom a Happy Mother’s Day, here’s just a few  reasons why I love her.

I love my Mom because she adopted me when I was wandering the streets and she gave me a home, a really good home.

My Mom and I when we first found each other – Oct. 2009

I love my Mom because she isn’t afraid to get dirty, which is good because I stay dirty.

Mom gives me a bath and gets all my dirt on her!

I love my Mom because she plays with me outside like tug of war, fetch and my favorite hide-n-go-seek.

Tug-of-war with Mom

I love my Mom because she still lets me get in her lap and cuddle even though I weigh 77.7 pounds (It’s where I get the best naps).

Nap times are the best, especially with my Mom!

I love my Mom because I know she will always love me even when I bark at cats, eat my bed, and escape from the house (Oh! Those are some stories I’ll have to share later).


Kisses for the Best Mom in the WHOLE WORLD!


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