Dudley Doodle #1

Ruff! I’m Dudley Dew

Ruff! That’s doggy talk for Hello!

So, if you’re reading this you probably know my Mom, she’s a local Pahokee writer who calls herself the MUCK GIRL.  (If you don’t know her, I’d have to suggest that you check out her work here.)

I’m Dudley Dew – a 2 ½ year old rescued pup, who MUCK GIRL likes to refer to as her furry baby.

I’m playful, but sometimes (well, actually A LOT of times) lazy.

I’m loved, but not completely spoiled (a LITTLE spoiled, though).

But most of all, just like my Mom, I LOVE the MUCK, as you will see through photos.

Since my mom writes about life in the Glades, I thought – “Hey, I could write about life in the Glades, too.”

I’ll admit it took a little convincing – Mom doesn’t exactly trust my paws with her computer. Luckily, we understand each other perfectly, so she’s translating my Ruffs and Barks and Woofs into English.

So, stay tuned as I share with you about a pup’s life in the MUCK.


Me and my Mom <3

Me and my Mom <3

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2 Responses to Dudley Doodle #1

  1. Charles Duke says:

    Muck dogie. Cool

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