A BIG Thank You from MUCK GIRL

As many of you have read, my story “The Adventures of Muck Girl, proud, native child of the Glades” was published in the Sunday, July 11 edition of the Palm Beach Post. The story was on the cover of the Accent and Arts Section.

MUCK GIRL's story - front page of the Accent Section of the Sunday, July 11th edition of the Palm Beach Post

It’s hard to describe or write in words how grateful and honored I am that Carlos Frias wrote this story. I don’t believe anyone could tell it as remarkably as he did, not even me.

Gary Coronado’s  pictures accompanying the story by Frias were absolutely stunning.  I adore the sunset one. I remember that night and how hard Coronado worked to get it just right and his timing was impeccable.

From the first sentence, I was in tears and honest to goodness wept throughout the entire piece.

The part that got me the most was Frias’ description of my birth. I have pictured that night many times in my head, trying to think of what it was like for my birth mother, trying to understand “why here? why pahokee? why me?”

Frias took scenes from my imagination about August 4, 1986 and made them come to life. Through his words and vivid descriptions, he took me to that night. And for one moment I was there – not as the baby being born – but as a witness to how crazy, incredible, and miraculous that night was for me the girl from 14th street.

I don’t think my story is that incredible … it has always been just my story, but Frias made me see it in a new light.  I’ve come to learn that sometimes things can’t be questioned … it just is .. and Frias reaffirmed that for me.

So, here’s a BIG “thank you” to Carlos Frias for taking the time to spend a day with my family, for writing this story. He is so talented and it was beautifully written. Also a BIG “thank you” to Gary Coronado for the pictures he took. I will always treasure the one of my family in front of my home.

Adventures of Muck Girl on the Palm Beach Post Website

Frias may not realize it, but the way he told my story was a gift – a gift not to just me, but to my community, my friends, my family.

I am already receiving tons of e-mails and comments from fellow MUCK girls and boys that I don’t even know telling me how my story reminded them of growing up here in the Glades. The flood of memories that has started is overwhelming.

I believe, it has rekindled a love for the area and maybe, just maybe, that will make a difference in our future. Maybe, just maybe, it has given all of us a little hope.

While there may be some negative comments about our area and thoughts that some of us are living in past, I still believe that we hold our own destiny and our future. We can work together to make this area a better place, to make it those charming towns on the edge of Lake Okeechobee, but we have to be willing to work for it.

Most clicked story on Palm Beach Post's website 7/12/10

I’m open to feedback and comments, please keep them coming.

Thanks again to everyone for their love and support! You MUCK girls and boys are the best!

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One Response to A BIG Thank You from MUCK GIRL

  1. Ginny Viau says:

    I read the stroy of Muck Girl in the PBP and Loved IT! As a mother of two raising two girls in WPB. I have always brought them all over Fl to explore all its beauty it has to offer but only going to the glades a few times. After reading Muck Girl I am ready to go back to the Glades. Can you please let me know a few things that are must see and does in the Glades! Thanks

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