Gary Coronado photographs MUCK GIRL for Palm Beach Post article

Gary Coronado, a Palm Beach Post photographer and Pulitzer Prize Finalist, came to my house on Monday, June 14 to photograph my family and I for the article that Carlos Frias is writing. Gary was very friendly and professional. He has been a photojournalist for nearly 11 years and got his start in California. His work for the Palm Beach Post is superb: Check it out here: Gary Coronado, Palm Beach Post Photographer or his website Gary Coronado. 
Gary Coronado and I

The first photo he took was of me, my parents, and my Memaw sitting in front of my house. I chose to go bare foot – that’s the MUCK GIRL way.

Gary and I then took a mini-road trip to the Pahokee marina and Lake Okeechobee Outpost. Earlier in the day Gary asked for any photos of me when I was a little girl that showed Pahokee. So, we had one of me and the Pahokee Water Tower in the back. That inspired Gary to take a photo of me sitting on the Herbert Hoover Dike with that same Pahokee Water Tower in the background. What a cool “then and now” photo.

BABY MUCK GIRL at age 2 at the dike in Pahokee

The last photo Gary took was of me on the pier with the beautiful Lake Okeechobee sunset in the background. I wish I could have taken a personal photo of that sunset, but I didn’t get a chance. So, look for the edition of the Palm Beach Post that has the photos and Carlos Frias’ article.

Thanks Gary for your hard work and fighting off all those Florida gnats during the photo shoot!

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