A Muck Gardener

Exactly 56 days ago, I decided to become a gardener. My Memaw (grandmother) was the inspiration behind that thought. She is 81 years young and can plant anything and make it grow. I’ve even seen her bring dead plants back to life. Yes, she is a a miracle grower.

For as long as I can remember, Memaw has worked in her flower garden. It’s not just a hobby, it’s her passion. Many days she is working in her yard before I even find the energy to get out of bed. She carefully plucks out weeds and dutifully waters her plants. Each spring her yard is transformed into the most beautiful flower garden with phlox, amaryllis, lupines, larkspurs (or delphiniums) and more blooming.

So, 2 months ago on April 13, I decided to see if I possibly inherited her “green thumb.” I decided to plant some sunflowers – one of my favorite flowers. After selecting a spot near my dad’s shed, I removed all the grass with a hoe, which is very laborious. I had to keep reminding myself that my 81-year-old Memaw does this all the time. I then dug holes about an inch deep, 12 inches apart and dropped the sunflower seeds in. After covering the seeds, I watered them and WAITED.                                                                                                                                                                                                         

                            Day 9: Sunflowers sprout up

                                    Day 13: More Sunflowers 

                                Day 19: More Sunflowers are 6 in. high

Day 50: Sunflowers are over 4 feet tall

Day 54: Bud on Sunflowers are getting bigger and turning yellow

 Day 54: Me Beside My Sunflowers


Day 56: Me with my 2 beautiful blooming SUNFLOWERS

I’d like to think I did inherit my Memaw’s green thumb, but I have to give credit where credit is due – THE MUCK. The MUCK in the Glades is so rich and fertile that just about anything will grow when planted, including my lovely sunflowers.

Dedicated to my Memaw – Vera Montine Ramage Martin – who loves flowers and loves the muck.

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